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Mandy Roberts - Head of Tap

Billie MacGibbon


Mandy Roberts, the Director of Impact, teaches most of the tap classes. We study the Ballet Australasia Limited syllabus and exams are generally held in August of each year. Exams are not compulsory but learning the syllabus work is of great benefit to the students. The BAL syllabus teaches excellent rhythm and we believe is one of the best tap syllabi available, especially for younger students. Once the exams have been sat each year the rest of the year is spent working on routines for our major variety show held in December.


There is also an Adult Tap class, taught by Mandy Robert. This class is a great way of keeping fit and meeting new people. The class is for beginner tappers and focusses on basic technique and rhythm. The class is all about having fun!

We also offer an Open Tap class. This class is a regular class for experienced tappers, with a focus on extending skills and learning routines for the two concerts held throughout the year.







Virginia Kennard - Head of Jazz

Mandy Roberts, Billie MacGibbon


We study the American Jazz Dance Affiliation syllabus and exams are held in August each year. Exams are not compulsory but the syllabus offers great technique, a good foundation for dance, and an understanding of style, all of which help the students when it comes to performing. Once the exams have been sat each year the rest of the year is spent working on routines for our major variety show held in December.

We offer an intermediate-advanced Turns and Leaps class to allow students to spend more time focussed on those particular aspects of dance. This class is open to students studying at Elementary Level Two (approximately aged 12) and above.

We also offer an Advanced Open Class. This is aimed at experienced dancers who have finished their dance exams but wish to continue dancing and honing their skills. 







Rylie MacGibbon

Hayley Gibson


We have three open classes for Contemporary – Junior Contemporary for 8-10 years, Intermediate Contemporary for 11-14 years, and Senior Contemporary for 15 and over. Each week, the students work on contemporary technique and terminology. Contemporary students also learn routines for both of our concerts, held in July and December. It is important to note that the classes place a large emphasis on a variety of types of contemporary dance, rather than only lyrical contemporary.







Hayley Gibson

Chloe Robertson


Hip Hop is a great way for dancers to express themselves and these classes are fun. Students are divided into three open classes - Junior for 7-9 years, Intermediate for 10-12 years, and Teen for 13 and over. Each week, the students work on technique and terminology. Students also learn routines for our both of our concerts, held in July and December.






Sean James


Ballet is a great way for dancers to hone their technical dance skills, to assist in areas of dance such as jazz and contemporary. Students are divided into two open classes - Junior for 9-12 years, and Senior for 13+. The students work on technique and terminology, with a focus on self-improvement. Students' ability to learn choreography quickly is also developed, as students learn new ballet combinations each week, with each combination focussing on a different technical aspect of ballet.







Mandy Roberts


Little Dots is designed for 4 and 5 year olds - children close to or just starting school. These classes introduce the children to the world of performing. They learn tap and jazz dancing in these classes and work towards performing song and dance routines. Impact have two concerts a year, one in the July school holidays as part of KidsFest and a major concert at the end of each year held in December. We also try to gain other performance opportunities at various Expos around the city so the children get as much experience in front of an audience as possible.






Mandy Roberts


These classes are a mixture of dancing, drama and singing and are great fun. Routines are practised each week for several performances throughout the year as well as confidence building, theatre sports and drama games. These classes perform at our KidsFest concert held each July and our major variety show held in December each year.







Nigel Withington - Singing

Hana Pearce - Drama

Billie MacGibbon - Tap

Rylie MacGibbon - Jazz

Natasha Boon - Acrobatics




In today’s world of performance, versatility is the key. Theatre Day is an innovative concept designed by the Director of Impact Dance and Stage School to produce talented and versatile performers who can reach for the stars in today’s world of performance.


How Theatre Day Works


Theatre day is held on Saturday and runs for four terms throughout the year. The Impact school terms are organised to coincide with the usual public school terms.

Children take part in 4 classes per day in different disciplines of performance – tap, jazz, drama, acrobatics, and singing. Singing and drama classes alternate weekly.

Students need to be at least 10 years old and need to have passed or currently be studying at a level of BAL Grade 1 Tap (which is the 4th exam in the BAL Tap syllabus).

Theatre Day is performance-based and students are always working towards performing in our major end of year production as well as a KidsFest concert in July and other performances throughout the year.

Students enrolled in Theatre Day are considered full-time students and can enrol in any other weekly classes (excluding musical theatre - Theatre Day provides an advanced extension of what is learned in these classes) completely free of charge.







Mandy Roberts


This is an elite group of children who are contracted for a year to perform at events such as Teddy Bears Picnic, Coca Cola Christmas in the Park, sporting events, and other functions we may be invited to. We hold auditions for this group of children at the beginning of December each year. As the talent of children gets stronger and stronger each year it is recommended that children auditioning are confident and have experience in singing and dancing. The age group considered usually ranges from 12 years old through to 18 years old. The Company Kids perform a musical every two years, with a larger company of children involved. In alternate years, the Company Kids participate in a production called Christmas at the Royal, made up entirely of Christmas music. Company Kids have performed on What Now and The Erin Simpson Show on a number of occasions and have been contracted for two big concerts in Caroline Bay in the New Year many times since 2008. Most recently, the Company Kids have begun touring rest homes and retirement villages, bring entertainment and joy to residents for important occasions, such as Christmas and Anzac Day, as well as simply for fun!